Roxanne Faber Savage
life is sweet- join me this summer -as I will be teaching printmaking in Tuscany-
Women's Studio Workshop International Summer Art Institute
SAVE THE DATES! July 14-24, 2015
Monoprints: Mixed prints Italian style
Monoprints: Mixed Prints, Italian Style – Roxanne Faber Savage

The Workshop
Monoprints: Mixed Prints, Italian Style

Roxanne Faber Savage
July 14-24

Summer in Tuscany: a place where one’s imagination is set free.

Our muse for this class is the natural and built surroundings of the studio: the earth tones of sienna tiled roofs matched with honey colored buildings; the tasty farm fresh vegetables, olive oil, and regional wine; the blue skied vistas filled with cypress trees and sunflowers; ancient history fused with contemporary life.

Using observation, (i phone) camera, pencil & pad, artists in this workshop will use daily inspiration to develop imagery for their plates and prints. Artists will learn – or solidify- their knowledge of the following techniques: carborundum aquatint, plexiglas intaglio, paper lithography, stencil, and chine collé. Using skill, intuition, and experimentation, she will demonstrate various plate making and inking techniques: rolling, carding, wiping, chine collé, plate registration, and overprinting plates in multiple configurations.

As plates are printed, a story or conversation between elements and narrative will develop. Working across several techniques we will work to develop a mixed media image vocabulary. Artists may create a variable edition, a suite of mixed technique monoprints or a large tiled print made from a collection of small plates. The results will be surprising and vary for each individual. Both oil and water based inks will be used.

Roxanne will present daily demonstrations and work one-on-one to guide artists in moving their work to a new place. She will assess artist’s ideas and imagery and present mini assignments and plans of action- offering combinations of solutions to “work” their ideas.

There will be ongoing dialogue in the studio and a group critique on the final day of class. A print exchange will be encouraged, but is not mandatory. We’ll celebrate the end of the class with a pop-up exhibit.

Two excursions off site are designed to inspire and support your study.

Roxanne is an extraordinary artist. She was one of the very first artists to travel with WSW to print in Tuscany. Since then we have followed her work and career and have had her teach in our studios in Rosendale. Her classes have been extremely popular because she fears no process, is a highly skilled printmaker, and an excellent teacher.

Roxanne Faber Savage is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist with printmaking as her primary medium. She is a dynamic instructor whose art is exhibited in solo and group shows in the United States and beyond, most recently at Art Basel Miami, the Danforth Museum, Boston Printmakers, International Print Exhibition, Albuquerque, NM and A Space Gallery, New Haven, CT. She studied at Pratt and Queens College.

Susan Fateh, our international program coordinator, who has made her home in Seggiano for several years,will be our private chef. As past students will attest, she is a sublime cook. Her style is an Italian/Persian fusion using the freshest ingredients all locally sourced.

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